Natural ways to fight stretch marks

Stretch marks: why, when and how?

Our skin has a good capacity to grow and stretch, however, when rapid growth occurs, such as during adolescence, rapid weight gain or pregnancy, the collagen fibres in the deeper layer of our skin (dermis) can tear, causing visible scarring known as stretch marks.

Initially, these stretch marks appear red, pink, or purple as our body responds to the tear in the skin by forming scar tissue. Over time, the stretch marks fade and become silvery and sunken compared to the surrounding skin. Stretch marks can occur in many places, however the most common areas for women to get them are the areas of fat deposits, including the buttocks, hips, breasts, and abdomen.

Often the formation of stretch marks is out of our control, especially during adolescence and pregnancy. However, nourishing the skin internally and externally, as well as consciously changing your lifestyle, may well just be what it takes to help minimise the scarring and maximise the good results.

Drink lots of water, hydration is your skin’s best friend. Try and invest in your skin’s health, by drinking six to eight glasses of non-caffeinated drinks per day. Water is the best choice, but herbal teas are a great alternative, also try drinking 2 glass of the Sunbio Collagen Peptides Beauty a day. Not only does water keep your cells hydrated and moist, but naturopathically it helps our bodies flush out bad toxins, which is great for radiant skin.

Try to minimise fluid losses. Not only it is important to drink lots of fluids, it is equally important to maintain that good work by avoiding caffeine (coffee, black tea, energy drinks) and alcohol. Adolescence and pregnancy are times when it’s even more important that these drinks should be avoided.

Boost the skin’s beautiful bounty and collagen levels. Now is the time to get onboard the antioxidant trains. Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as zinc, silica and botanical antioxidants. Vitamins, A, C and E may help reduce the stretching of the skin, whereas vitamins C and A are specifically involved in collagen production. Zinc and silica may assist collagen formation, which may help to strengthen our skin.

Boost collagen levels with Sunbio Collagen Peptides Beauty, each contains premium quality collagen peptides, vitamin C, zinc and grape seed extract.

A great way to start the day would be to add a sachet of Collagen Peptides Beauty to a glass of juice, try carrot, beetroot, and citrus; along with oats (high in silica) and a small handful of nuts for morning tea (zinc). Consult your health care professional before supplementing during pregnancy.

Exercise is important during times of rapid weight gain. Walking is good during pregnancy, whereas at least 20-30 minutes, three times a week of aerobic exercise is good to help prevent weight gain in other times.

Support, support, and more support. Investing in a supportive bra will make all the difference to how you feel, and may also help to prevent stretch marks on your breasts. Make sure you get fitted, as breast sizes can be deceiving, and during times of growth, your ‘ladies’ will certainly seem to find a way of sizing up.

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